About Us

Shroyer sistersI'm Deena Shroyer, Founder and Director of Deena Shroyer's School of Dance.  My sisters Lea, Marina and Mara and I began our dancing careers at the tender age of four years old and continue to this day!  We studied dance from the very best, Roni Mahler and Jean Pasantino, both former prima ballerinas, Gus Giordano and Charles Kelly from New York for jazz and tap, and Nelda Hill from Hilltop Studio for acrobatics. Together, we all toured locally with the Bob Hamil Variety Show entertaining area clubs and organizations along with Melissa Etheridge - a now famous musician!

My sisters and I were very athletic and acrobatic, being selected as cheerleaders throughout our years at Leavenworth's Junior High and High Schools.  After graduation, each one of us went professional, working as acrobats in Dinner Theatres, performing on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, and entertaining in various circus acts, from single trapeze to trampoline to trick riding acts on horseback to name a few!

In the late 70s, my mother and I opened our first dance studio in Atchison Kansas. In 1981, I opened a second studio in a one hundred year old building in historic downtown Leavenworth Kansas and that's where I am today.  I had to close my Atchison location after my children were born because the drive wasn't giving me the time I wanted with my kids.

I am a hands-on person and believe in helping our community whenever I can.  I teach all the classes and produce and choreograph annual recitals with the help of my talented sisters and my other professional instructors.  I enjoy giving to the community in many ways:

In 1978, I married my Junior High School sweetheart, Doug Price. After reigning as High School Homecoming King & Queen, it was clear that we were destined for a life together!  We have two beautiful children, Brett and Devon, both were Salutatorians, and Homecoming King and Queen of their class '07 and '09, both are University of Kansas graduates, '11 and '13, both are married and living in Lawrence. We also have four loveable babies, Bentley the Poodle, Nina the Chihuahua, and two cats - Trixie and Norton. When not working, I love gardening and relaxing at home with my family and friends.

My philosophy is to have fun, while learning proper technique, terminology and respect for the art, and each other.  I believe a happy student will always want to learn more!

My motto is to Always Do Your Best! and I look forward to helping your child do just that!