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All classes offered are one hour long, once per week.

Pre-Ballet: For ages 3-5 years old (2 year olds on trial basis). Class is divided into thirty minutes of ballet, and thirty minutes of acrobatics, incorporating motor skill development, balance, coordination and music appreciation. An introduction for Level I classes in the future.

Pre-ballet Young Unicorns

Ballet / Pointe: For ages 6 years old beginning at Level I to advance level Pointe classes. Classical Ballet technique and terminology taught in standard French style.

Ballerina on point Young Ballerina Ballet Spiders Woodland Fairies Ballerina with Danseur Queen & Ladies In Waiting

Jazz: For ages 7 years and up.Gus Giordano/Luigi style Jazz technique for theatre performance.

Barbie Dolls in Toy Shop Jazz Star LA Showgirls Jazz Ravens Jazz Star Court Jesters

Acrobatics: For ages 4 years and up. Tumbling skills taught for performance and cheerleading, includes partner and group stunts.

Mythical Mantises AcrobatAir Plant Acrobats Two acrobats Acrobats Heavy metal acrobats Acrobat Fire Ant Acrobats Acrobatics

Tap:For ages 5 years and up.Standard Theatre Tap technique.

Tap Dancers Latin Dancers Waterfall Dancers Tap Dancer Chamberlains Poison Apples

Hip Hop: For ages 7 and up. Learn to rock and pop your way through a fun filled hour of Hip Hop! Students learn a variety of Hip Hop styles while dancing to the latest music. Each student will practice choreographed moves as well as showing their individual styles during the 'free style" segment of each class. Class is broken up into warm-up / choreography / breaking (to learn a break dance move) and freestyle.

Mannequin Hip Hop Troupe Carry a Tune Music Store Hip Hop Troupe Hip Hop Troupe Hip Hoppers Sorcerers

Demonstration Lectures: Ms. Deena is available for demonstration lectures on "dance" for any school, club or organization. Just call 913-682-1586.

Deena with student. Deena with class.

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Summer Dance Camps

There are two sessions offered. Session 1 is in June and Session 2 is in July. Each session is 4-weeks and enrollment is in May. Information regarding summer camps will be provided to students and parents as summer approaches. Ads will be placed in local newspapers. Feel free to call for more information.

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Tuition and Additional Information